Dad Bringing Up Lifelong Friend for First Time to Tell You They Just Died

In a surprising and tragic story out of Berkeley, CA, your dad is bringing up his lifelong friend for the very first time, only to tell you that he just died.


Wait, what?


“I knew Rodney since I was three years old,” your dad said. “We were basically like brothers. He passed away last month, that’s why I was in Seattle that weekend. You remember Rodney, right?”


You told your dad that you were sorry for his loss, but also that you’ve never heard of this man before today, but that didn’t stop your dad from trying to jog your memory.


“I’ve never talked about Rodney before?” said your dad. “That can’t be right. I mean, I haven’t seen him in over twenty years, but I could have sworn that you met him before.”


According to our sources, you definitely hadn’t. He did go to your mom’s baby shower, but at that point you weren’t actually born yet.


“Wow, well it’s too bad you won’t get to meet him,” your dad said. “He was a great man. I think you would’ve liked him.”


Looks like you’ll just have to take his word for it!


“I feel bad for not being more sad about my dad’s friend dying,” you told us. “But I truly have no idea who this man is or that they apparently were friends for six decades and once backpacked together through Peru. He simply never mentioned it.”


Fair enough!


“Here, let me show you a picture,” your dad said to you. “You’ll remember him when you see this.”


But even after seeing the picture of your dad’s friend from the 80s, you still had no idea who this man was, because you had never met him, or even heard of him before.


“Yeah, sorry, I still don’t remember him,” you said. “I’m so sorry though.”


At press time, you still don’t know who Rodney is even though your dad just casually dropped that Rodney was Best Man at his wedding..



“His wife’s name is Judi,” your dad said. “You know Judi?”


Yeah, you don’t know who that is either, but it’s still sad!