Wow! This Man Knows How to Code but Not How to Apologize

Software developer Dean Horton is able to code anything under the sun, but is still miraculously unable to apologize like a normal human being for literally anything at all.


Wow! We had no idea it was possible to be both smart and emotionally unavailable, Dean!


A self-taught programmer, Dean has been coding since he was in high school at the age of 15. During his 16 years of coding, Dean has been able to understand various difficult concepts to make him a better coder. These range from differential equations, multivariable calculus, and computer engineering. Despite these repeated instances of high-level thinking throughout his life, Dean still doesn’t fully grasp that when he forgot his girlfriend’s birthday and said, “I didn’t mean to, god,” it was not an actual apology.


What a beautiful way to prove we simply cannot be good, or even adequate, at everything!


Dean has shown he is able to understand complex abstract concepts with his work with databases at his job with Amazon Web Services. Though he is able to work through the grueling, complex minutiae of querying with relative ease, he still has absolutely no idea how to address why his girlfriend is mad at him.



Unfortunately, Dean has never been to a single therapy session or ever really considered it, so he is still not aware that “I’m sorry you feel that way” is not an adequate apology for anything at all.


We hope that Dean is able to sit down and use the impressive skill he has with logical thinking to grasp the concept of basic human empathy soon, if only for his girlfriend!