Wow! This Man Has A Huge Pee Pee

Some dudes have small pee pees, other dudes have average-sized pee pees. But Khalil Turner is an outlier: this 29-year-old man the biggest pee pee of all!


“I dunno, I’m not trying to brag, but my pee pee is pretty giant,” said Khalil. “It can do sex better than all the other pee pees I’ve seen in the big boy locker room.”


Despite his big age, Khalil went on to describe his cool pee pee using other big words.


“Lots of girls have told me before that my pee pee is good,” said Khalil. “I’d be happy with the bigness of my ding dong either way, but I’m glad the ladies think it’s good too.”


Some women in Khalil’s life are a little scared of his big pee pee, which makes Khalil feel bad.


“Sure, he’s got one of the biggest pee pees I’ve ever seen,” said Leslie DuFresne. “But one time he asked me if he could carry me home on his skateboard instead of take a cab. Not all big pee pees are worth that kind of shame.”


“Yeah, it’s a big pee pee alright,” confirmed Trina Washburn. “Although it really takes the wind out of your sails when you need to stop the sex and get the big pee pee condoms cause all you have are the regular pee pee condoms.’”


“I’d rather he had a regular sized pee pee,” she added.


Despite the controversy, many women adore Khalil’s huge pee pee and cool big-boy body, no matter what gets in their way.


“I will literally wake up from sleeping, put on clothes and drive to his house at 3am for that pee pee,” says Shauna Anderson. “I don’t even care if he lives with his mom. I just wanna hop on that pee pee.”