Wow! This Man Is Super Wrong But Also Very Loud So Who Knows

In an impressive display of blind confidence, 27-year-old Frank Carlson is currently speaking at length about several subjects he knows absolutely nothing about, and is speaking at such a high volume that people around him are just sort of willing to go along with whatever he’s saying.


Upon entering a bar in downtown Los Angeles, Frank ordered a drink and then began talking to his friends about how servers actually don’t need tips because minimum wage laws will make up the difference for them.


Wow! We’re pretty sure he’s wrong, but he’s loud enough that honestly, we’re not really sure!


“He’s super wrong,” says his friend, Marsha Travers. “I was a server for years and I know in reality it doesn’t work like that. But Frank’s being so loud I’m kind of like, maybe I’m the one who’s wrong?”


Frank has successfully lured in more and more bar patrons in with his incorrect but boomingly loud statements.


“At one point he said something about how America has never invaded another country,” says Devin Chalmers, a regular at the bar. “I don’t think that’s true at all. But he said it so loudly and so confidently, I’m definitely willing to hear him out.”


Though Frank frequently seems to be under the belief that NASA doesn’t exist anymore, listeners at the bar allowed for minor inaccuracies because who freaking knows what’s real at this point.


“If someone’s being loud, that means they’re probably smart,” said the bartender Stan Daniels timidly, who is definitely wrong but would probably sound more right if he said it louder.


We’re not so sure about that one, but Stan was pretty loud too, so we’re gonna run with it!



Reports confirm that as the night progressed Frank’s voice grew sore, so he paid his tab after arguing aggressively with the bartender that Long Islands were half off on Tuesdays even though it was Wednesday.


Keep fighting the loud fight, dude!