Heartbreaking! This Facebook Post Ending With ‘…And Go!’ Still Has Zero Comments

In a tragic development, Stacia Vernon’s Facebook request for recommendations of new podcasts currently has zero comments, despite the fact that she ended the post with “…and go!”


“Hello internet!” the post began. “It has come to my attention that I don’t know about enough podcasts! Looking for suggestions. Already got Serial and Pod Save America, but everything else is fair game! …And go!”


After hitting share, Stacia sat back in her couch and expectantly waited for the replies to come rolling in. Three hours later, the only activity was her old neighbor liking it.


“It was so sad to see,” says Stacia’s friend, Victoria. “I saw the post after it had been up for a few hours and it still had no comments. I would have commented at that point, but by that point I didn’t really wanna draw more attention to such a sad post.”


The post achieved such little acknowledgment online that Stacia began to wonder whether or not it had been seen by anyone.


“I was like, seriously?” Stacia tells us of the incident. “No one? At 9pm on a Sunday? I know you all are at home on your phones. Did the algorithm bury it? What’s happening?”


Though speculation ran rampant for the remainder of the evening, nothing moved the dial on her post. As of this morning, the status tragically held just two likes and absolutely no comments.


“If I were her I’d just delete it,” says Stacia’s coworker, Greg. “I mean, of course I saw the post. It broke my heart. I even typed up a comment, but then I was like, why is no one else commenting? Do they know something I don’t? So I just deleted it.”


The situation got so dire for Stacia, she began questioning even the most basic facts about her post.


“Did I make it clear I wanted people to comment? I mean, I said ‘…and go!’ for chrissake. Just, no one went.”



For the time being, the post remains on Stacia’s wall as a signal of her lack of friends. Despite urgings from her sister to quietly take it down in the night, Stacia has stood her ground.


“If I delete it, that just means the no-commenters have won,” she tells us. “Also, I like, still really need podcasts to listen to on my morning commute. Seriously, if anyone could help me out, that’d be great. And go.”