Aw! Friend Comfortable Enough to Fight With Her Boyfriend in Front of You

Strong bonds take time to develop, and it’s a beautiful thing when two people can truly be themselves around each other. Luckily, you’re no stranger to this level of friendship, because your friend Ruby is comfortable enough to fight with her boyfriend, right in front of your very eyes.


“Will is basically always there when we hang out, so I’m not going to put on airs and act like things are perfect between us,” said Ruby. “That would be disrespectful to the standard of honesty we’ve established in our relationship between the three of us.”


Um, where can we get a gal pal like Ruby? We’ll take two!


“Keeping things bottled up isn’t healthy,” continued Ruby. “If I don’t mention that I feel like Will was kind of weird around when my sister one time while we’re at dinner with you, then you would’ve probably sensed something was up and spent the whole time wondering. I never want to do that to a friend.”


Ruby is so dedicated to her policy of transparency that she will fight with Will loudly at parties, in angry whispers in movie theaters, or even just on the phone in front of you.


While Ruby has clearly demonstrated her commitment to keeping it real, you are less enthusiastic about being a third party to the couple’s fights.


“I seriously can’t take it anymore,” you said. “It’s like watching your friend fight with her parents but even worse because sometimes Ruby turns to me and says, ‘What do you think?’”


Other friends report that you’re not the only one with whom Ruby has reached this enviable level of closeness.


“I’m pretty sure they’re just always fighting in front of everyone,” said one friend, Tyra Leon. “I don’t remember the last time I witnessed them just having a normal conversation. I’m worried.”



Despite Tyra’s claim that bearing witness to Ruby and Will’s fights is nothing special, Ruby maintains that you receive the most exclusive access.


“Will and I may have our little disputes from time to time,” said Ruby, “And we’ve gotten to that point as friends where I know I don’t have to hide that from you.”


Lucky you!