Cool! This Guy’s Personality is Music

Everyone has a passion. And for many people, that passion can have a part in shaping the type of person they are. But for Chicago resident Nick Crup, there are literally no other aspects of his personality outside of his passion for music!


Wow, we’re truly amazed at how Nick has crafted an entire persona out of liking music!


Growing up straight, white, and male, Nick never had to develop any specific interests or character traits to make him palatable. That’s when he found his passion for talking about music and nothing else.


“There are so many cool bands out there,” said Nick “I feel like a lot of people don’t know the bands I know because I am like really into music, but they’re out there and they’re dope. Have you ever heard of Pitchfork?”


Unable to carry on a conversation for more than five minutes about anything other than bands he likes, shows he’s seen, and albums he’s been listening to, Nick sometimes resorts to pressuring those he’s talking to into naming their top 10 bands to try to deter them from continuing.


“Usually people can’t even name any quality albums,” said Nick. “Like, okay, so you listen to top 40 on the radio. Do better, you know? Listen to something real.”


Despite having a superiority complex about something that literally everyone enjoys, friends of Nick have said that they wish they knew him on a deeper level.


“Nick would always jump to tell me the origin stories of his favorite album art or where to buy the best headphones even when I didn’t ask,” said his college roommate Daisy Wexler. “But, when I asked him about his relationship with his parents, he said he ‘didn’t know that album’ and ‘would be sure to check it out, It was kinda sad.”


“All he ever does is talk to me about how he thinks Lollapalooza has gotten too mainstream.” added co-worker Lauren Posner. “We’ve shared the same desk for three years. I have no clue how he got this job.”



But Nick doesn’t show any signs of getting interested in anything else.


“What do you mean ‘broaden my horizons’?”, he said. “I do tons of stuff. I write album reviews, I make sick playlists, and I go to shows and festivals.”


“Oh, you mean I should start collecting vinyl? Maybe I’ll look into it,” he added.


Not exactly what we meant, but do your thing Nick!