Betrayal! This Woman’s Auntie Was Just Her Mom’s Lifelong Friend the Whole Time

Some lucky people never have to feel the sting of betrayal from those closest to them. But that’s not the case for poor Kiana DuBois who has just learned that her favorite auntie was actually just her mom’s childhood friend the whole time.


“I’m honestly just hurt,” said Kiana. “I don’t understand why they wouldn’t tell me this sooner.”


Wow, talk about a lifetime of deception!


“I innocently asked my mom which side of the family my Auntie Lisa was related to me on,” said Kiana. “Then she told me Lisa’s not actually my aunt. She said it so casually, like she didn’t just upend my entire reality. Being an auntie used to really mean something to me, and now I’m not so sure.”


We can only imagine how deceived you felt learning something you could’ve figured out on your own years ago, Kiana!


But the depths of Kiana’s pain didn’t stop there.


“Even worse, I realized that who I thought were my cousins all these years were nothing more than my mom’s friend’s kids,” Kiana lamented. “These are people I grew up with, confided in and shared meals with. Now I know they were just strangers the whole time.”


“I feel like my whole life has been one big joke,” she added.


Those close to Kiana don’t really see the big deal.


“It’s not even something I felt like I needed to tell her,” said Patricia DuBois, Kiana’s mother. “Kiana has been calling Lisa her aunt since she was born, and Lisa has never treated her like anything but her niece.”


“We’re just as close as we’d be if I were her actual aunt,” said Lisa Washington, the woman Kiana is now calling her “fake aunt”.



“Also, we don’t have the same last name, and we’re never at the same funerals or family reunions. I’m kind of surprised she hadn’t figured it out by now,” she added.


But for Kiana, the damage is done.


“I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to look at Lisa the same way again,” said Kiana. “And as for my mom? Like, what else is she keeping from me? Am I adopted? Was I born with a tail? I don’t think I’ll ever get over this.”