Friend Invites Whole Squad To Your ‘Much-Needed Catch-Up Time’

Sometimes, all you need is a little one-on-one time with your best friend. Rosa, 23, apparently did not realize this when she invited her entire squad to what she had initially described as a “much-needed catch-up” with you.


Rosa, your best friend from high school whom you hadn’t seen for three months due to her busy social life and your extreme introversion, had initially proposed the meet up on September 10th at that cute wine bar near your work.


“Girl, it’s been so long since we got some much-needed girl time,” Rosa had said. “I have so much to tell you.”


However, your plans to go over the pros and cons of re-opening communication between you and your mother were dashed when you showed up to the bar to find Rosa at a table with six other people.


“Heyyy, have you met Sara? I think you two will really hit it off,” Rosa gushed, notably silent on the lack of chemistry between you and the other people at the table.


Rosa’s unannounced invitees reportedly included Sara, whom she met at the gym yesterday, Lauren, Sara’s girlfriend, Gordon from marketing, Rosa’s ex-boyfriend Jerome, her cousin Alice who’s in town for the week, and Kalia, relationship unclear.


While each guest discussed whether they had been older or younger than their classmates back in school and seemingly got along well, you weren’t exactly able to bring up your childhood trauma with the same eagerness. The evening did, however, answer the question you had meant to ask Rosa about whether she was still hanging out with her ex.



This wasn’t the first infraction Rosa has made over the course of your relationship either. There was that time she invited her boyfriend to your mom’s birthday party, the time you called her sobbing because you thought you’d gotten roofied and she showed up to comfort you with three of her coworkers, and the time she threw a birthday party for you that included none of your own friends and 36 of her own.


“I just love bringing people together,” explained Rosa. “Why shouldn’t I get to hang out with my best friend from elementary school and Gordon from marketing? The more the merrier!”


Sources confirm that Rosa has already invited her boyfriend to your girls trip to the Poconos, but you won’t find that out until you’re in the car with both of them.