Inspiring! Woman Breaks Gender Barrier by Living in Grosser Apartment Than Her Boyfriend

woman messy apartment

Talk about breaking boundaries! Yvonne Taylor of Houston, Texas has completely shattered gender norms this weekend when she realized her studio apartment is, somehow, significantly grosser than her new boyfriend’s place.


“It was the first time I walked in a girl’s apartment that truly reeked of Cheetos and body odor,” says Yvonne’s new boo, Isaac Gordon. “I mean, I was walking through a sea of clothes and old takeout containers in her living room. I had never experienced that with a girlfriend before.”


While most hetero relationships consist of a man with a more lax perspective on cleaning and a woman being better at cleaning, Yvonne is saying NO to basic chores and general hygiene – and we stan!


“I don’t know, I live alone, and I don’t really mind it,” Yvonne said, “See? Look at this dish. Yeah it’s been in the sink for a few weeks, but a little rinsey-rinse and I can eat off of it! Probably.”


It is probably okay, Yvonne!


Yvonne’s boyfriend, Isaac, unfortunately, does mind Yvonne’s lack of cleanliness, totally ignoring how groundbreaking it is for a girl to not clean even though society conditions girls to enjoy being homemakers from a very young age.


“I used to be so self-conscious about my bathroom after a girl once pointed out how there was hair everywhere in my shower,” Gordon said. “But I live with three other guys and we at least vacuum once a month.”



Wow! Not only does feminist icon Yvonne actually not own a real vacuum, but she has been looking for her Roomba for the past six months.


“I guess I will have to show her how to use like, a dish brush. And toilet cleaner.”


Wow! Men really can teach women how to clean!