Friend Who ‘Hates TMI’ Also Eager to Change Her Clothes in Front of You

Sources confirmed that Carrie Gerstein, the friend who gives people grief for mentioning period cramps by covering her ears and screaming, “Whoa, TMI!” is the same friend who is very comfortable removing her top and changing in front of you.


In a recent shopping excursion with her friends, Gerstein was reportedly “visibly disturbed” by her friend Annie Trainor’s description of the C-section she underwent last May. However, Gerstein requested Trainor accompany her into the dressing room to finish telling the story.


“That’s the thing about Carrie,” Trainor says. “She doesn’t want to hear about normal body things, but then she finds excuses to show me her boobs.”


Reports confirm that Trainor offered to continue telling the story from outside the door, but Gerstein refused. Witnesses estimate that Gerstein uttered the phrase, “Ew, TMI,” around sixty times in five minutes, in various states of undress.


Trainor is not the only friend to notice this behavior.


Later that same day, Gerstein attended a girls’ night cocktail party and at various points in the night, asked all seven attendees to try on her skirt.


“It’s insane behavior,” friend Lara Wells says. “Just keep your clothes on.”



Regardless, Gerstein reportedly told attendees the skirt was “so soft, you’ll love it,” while pulling off the skirt to reveal a coral thong.


When the host, Madeleine Hutchins, later brought the topic of conversation to her recent layoff from a top-tier consulting firm, Gerstein was seen sticking her finger down her throat and rolling her eyes in a mock gagging motion. Those standing close to her claim she huffed out a barely audible, “TMI” to really drive her point home.


“Some people are just so revealing,” Gerstein says. “They assume their behavior is okay, nobody wants to be a part of that!”