Woman Announces Completion of Her Ph.D. Thesis With, ‘So I Wrote a Thing…’

Ph.D. candidate Stephanie Gregorry has a reason to celebrate! On Friday, she finally submitted her thesis to her advisor by pushing it across his desk and saying, “So I wrote a thing.”


When asked why she took such a humble, self-deprecating approach to announcing this milestone, Stephanie demurred.


“Sure, I spent 12 hours every day for the last four years slogging through data, writing, rewriting and denying myself basic pleasures and the comfort of human connection,” Stephanie says. “But I just didn’t want to make a big deal about it or anything.”



After receiving wide acclaim in peer review, winning her a prized research grant and a tenure-track position at a renowned university, she shared her joy by posting to her Facebook friends, “So, I wrote this thing and some people liked it I guess? LOL so embarrassing!!”


“I just don’t want to bore them with the details,” she added.


Gregorry’s clear, concise academic prose was punctuated by a series of unique footnotes throughout her thesis such as, “Whatever,” “I guess????” and “IDK what do you think?”


When asked what was on the horizon for Stephanie, she responded with, “Sorry, gotta go, I just won the lottery to see Hamilton! Everyone’s going to be so proud of me!”