Freshly Locked-Down Boyfriend Has No Idea He’s Never Coming in Emma’s Mouth Again

Ignorance may be bliss, reality often comes crashing down on those who momentarily try escape it. Such is surely the case for 25-year-old Oliver Smith, who has absolutely no idea he will never come in his new girlfriend Emma Rosen’s mouth ever again.


The pair became an official couple after three months of courtship, during which Emma came across as very relaxed about having cum in her mouth and swallowing it.


“Yeah, I let Oliver come in my mouth at first,” said Emma. “Of course I did. I’m pretty sure that’s standard practice for the early stages of a relationship.”


“But as soon as I realized he was sticking around for the long haul,” Emma continued, “it was game over.”



While Emma has formally and irrevocably decided that not so much as a drop of Oliver’s cum will ever enter her mouth again, the young lad remains completely in the dark on what lies ahead.


“Things are going so great with Emma,” said Oliver, his eyes shining with the invigorated glee of a man who thinks he might come in his girlfriend’s mouth in the future. “She’s wonderful. I feel like we really get each other.”


Wow. The poor bastard seriously doesn’t have a clue.


To make matters worse, Oliver seems to be the last to know about the currently active cum-to-mouth embargo.


“I saw Oliver and Emma walk hand in hand into a party the other night,” said a friend of the couple, Louise Walter. “He was absolutely beaming.”


“As soon as I saw him, I thought to myself, now here’s a dude who thinks he’s going to just keep coming in Emma’s mouth forever,” said Louise. “I guess love really makes a fool of us all.”


When asked why she let Oliver fall into this limbo of deception, Emma was ambivalent.


“I suppose since I don’t really enjoy having cum in my mouth, I could have just told him that from the beginning,” said Emma. “But that’s just not really the way of our world.”


“These things don’t have to be said,” Emma continued. “One day six to eight months from now, Oliver will be like, ‘wait, I haven’t come in Emma’s mouth since we started dating.’ But by then it will be too late, and that’s what love is about.”