Four Manic Pixie Dream Girls Who Didn’t Finish Their Antibiotics

woman prancing

Manic pixie dream girls are famous for having confusing, impenetrable personalities, so it’s only natural they don’t finish their full course of antibiotics for vague reasons, even though it’s really important that they should! Here are four manic pixie dream girls who didn’t finish their antibiotics because they were too busy living!



Pearl is one of the most complicated, unexplainable forces of nature all packed into a teenage girl with commitment issues. Naturally, amidst her flirty nature, schemes, and reckless behavior, she doesn’t have time to finish her silly little full course of Amoxicillin for her strep throat. Pearl is simply a beautiful hurricane that contributes to the creation of antibiotic-resistant infections.



With her colored hair and a quirky job at a record store, Clementine is the free-spirited manic pixie dream girl that makes you happy and sad all at once, without ever finishing a full course of antibiotics for her recurring UTI. And when it comes back again, she’ll just go on a road trip and write poems!



Minnesota, or Minnie for short, loves fleeting romances, singing oldies at karaoke, and never, ever finishing her antibiotics, a practice that may someday kill her. Minnie’s the kind of girl who loved to throw caution to the wind, so why would she take the time to take 14 whole pills when they already sort-of work after five?




Flighty and gorgeous, Persephoneigh lives her life untouched by the consequences of their actions – that’s just part of her whole vibe. So when she skipped most of her Z-pack, got a second infection, and is now on kidney dialysis, it only made her more gorgeous. Be jealous!


There you have it: four manic pixie dream girls with damaged pasts and mysterious intentions that only really take the fun drugs. Who can blame them – they’re just living the lives we wish we could!