I’m Not Going to Feel Bad About Watching ‘Hocus Pocus’ During Sex

Society sets a lot of expectations about what women can and can’t do sexually, policing our desires and our very bodies. But it’s important that we as women reclaim our sexuality and go after what we want as unapologetically as men do – that’s why I’m not going to feel bad about watching the movie Hocus Pocus during sex.


I’m not going to apologize for the fact that during foreplay I always cue up the scene where Max (a virgin) lights the black flame candle. Or the fact that what really gets me going is the moment when Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, the witch Sarah, who has risen from the dead 300 years after her hanging, with her corseted cleavage prominent, whispers in her bimboesque falsetto, “Come little children.”



There is nothing morally wrong with two consenting adults having sex while one of them (me) watches a classic film from her childhood that she happens to find sexually titillating.


I also happen to find a talking cat named Thackery pretty damn sexy. So what? I don’t feel bad.


Hocus Pocus is one of the few movies from our childhood that is just as good today as it was 20 years ago, and also one of the few movies that I can also get off to. If anything, I consider that an achievement, so get off my proverbial dick, America.


As a child I related strongly to the wise-beyond-her-years character of Dani, played by a young Thora Birch, and as an adult I am aroused by the idea of three witches trying to steal her youth.


Bette Midler performs the song “I put a spell on you” with such aplomb that not only do Dani and Max’s parents slip into a state of bewitchment meant to cause them to dance until they die, but it also regularly delivers my vagina to a state of total wetness.


So no, I don’t feel bad about watching a Disney Halloween classic while I make love to my partner. If there’s anything to feel bad about it’s on the part of people who might judge me for this decision. I challenge you to try to incorporate this film into your own sex life. You might find yourself with more than just nostalgia for a great 90s movie, but with a new staple sex aid.