The Hardest Part About Dating Is That I Refuse To Do It

Dating is a series of complicated challenges everyone must go through in order to find love. Some people have trouble dating because they’re too picky, too nervous, or too busy. But for me, the hardest part about dating is that I never, ever do it.


That’s right: I never go on dates, I never actively pursue dates in any way, and I get freaked if people ask me out! People don’t understand how hard it is to do something when I never do it at all.


It’s tough because, like I said, no one ever asks me out. Why not? Probably because I have a terrifying personality, unwelcoming body language, and intentionally unattractive clothing so no one will talk to me. Also, if someone manages to overcome all that and ask me out, I am suddenly freaked and often run away. Ugh! How am I ever supposed to find love in this world?



I hear the same things from friends all the time: “It’s so hard to date in this city,” “I never feel the spark,” and “I think dating app success stories are a myth generated by Big Swipe!” But for me, I think trying to date is literally impossible because I do not ever try or even make myself available to new experiences.


On top of all this, there is so much unnecessary pressure from friends and family to find someone. How can I be expected to find love when I categorically refuse to do it?!


Do I want to find love? Of course! Am I sick of spending night after night alone? Yes! But what am I supposed to do if I’m not willing to meet strangers through my phone, or ask people to set me up, or say yes to people that hit on me at bars, or ask anyone else out myself? Exactly.


There’s gotta be a better way!


I guess until society catches up to me, there’s just no place in this world for people who want to find love without looking for it or accepting it when it comes to them.