First Date Ideas That Are Adventurous but Not So Adventurous You’ll Be Victim-Blamed if He Kills You

If you’re in the game for too long, first dates can quickly become dull. How many times can you sit at a bar trading biographies for two hours? But you have the power to switch things up and plan a first date that showcases your interests and guarantees some activity-based fun. Of course, if you’re going on a date with a strange man, you also have to factor in the possibility of him murdering you. You can’t prevent this but you can control the narrative, so with this in mind, here are some first date ideas that are charmingly adventurous, but not so adventurous that you’ll be victim-blamed if he ultimately kills you.



Going bowling on a first date says, “I’m crazy!” which is an adventure in and of itself. You can grab beers, learn each other’s shoe size, and strum up some flirty competition, all while remaining very much in public surrounded by witnesses. Of course, bowling balls and pins can quickly become deadly weapons, so if your date is too enthusiastic about bowling, or “owns [his] own ball”, then absolutely abandon ship, lest he kill you in the parking lot and then everyone is like, “She was in a parking lot? At NIGHT?” Better to protect your reputation posthumously.



Take a cooking class.

It doesn’t matter whether you or your date is remotely interested in cooking; this idea is out-of-the-box enough to make an impression, while also including around the clock supervision! It’s also wholesome, so if he strips you for parts later, everyone will say “After a cooking class! Who’d have ever thought,” and not “Well she did seem like a bit of a slut.” Just make sure you keep an eye on his knife skills!



Now you might be thinking: Skydiving? That’s about as dangerous of a first date I can imagine. And on the surface, sure, you’re jumping out of a moving plane putting your life in the straps of a parachute, BUT you and your date will each be strapped to your respective instructors and how the Hell is he going to kill you when you’re both free-falling through the stratosphere? If you do die from a horrible accident, people will say, “And that’s why you don’t go skydiving,” which is at least not a super personal judgement of you.


So get out there and get dating! You’re not guaranteed to have a fun time, but what doesn’t kill you makes you still alive, and that’s a win!