How to Cum So Loud It Drowns Out the YouTube Video He’s Watching at Full Volume

Intimacy is all about feeling secure and making sure both you and your partner’s needs are met. For you, being vocal might be a huge part of that, while for your partner, being comfortable could mean being able to engage in both intercourse and a dense video series on how gelatin is made at the same time. So, here are some tips on how you can find the confidence to cum loud enough to drown out the YouTube video he’s watching at full volume.



The first step to cumming loudly and confidently is to communicate with your partner. You’re not going to orgasm at all if you don’t let your partner know what you do and don’t like. Try utilizing specific directions like “faster” or “yes, right there” or “could you take a break from survival video diaries for like one second please?” and you should be cumming loud enough to shake the walls in no time! Your neighbors won’t even be mad, they’ll just be glad for a brief reprieve from hearing your partner blare a YouTube video on how to gut a fish for the past 30 minutes.


Create a safe environment.

This could mean something different for both you and your partner. The important thing is to make sure that you both feel like you’re being heard. If you don’t, you might find it hard to derive as much pleasure from your orgasm as you could, and your partner might be spending all of your time together quietly itching to hit play on an 18-minute YouTube video on how elephants grieve. Don’t worry, if you do it right, you’ll cum louder than even the sorrowful trumpets of an elephant herd in mourning.



Let go.

Release all your inhibitions and just cum! The biggest thing that’s holding you back from embracing loud orgasms is simply that you’re overthinking it – that, plus the YouTube video on the Napoleonic Wars that’s playing at full volume only inches away from your ear. Tune out both your unhelpful thoughts and the oversimplified monologue about the War of the Third Coalition, and just embrace the now. You deserve to enjoy this moment, and your partner will definitely fill you in on anything you missed regarding Napoleon’s inheritance of a republic in chaos later – whether you like it or not.


If you follow these tips, you’ll never have a half-hearted orgasm again. Plus, you might even learn something about some random YouTuber’s fast food rankings in the process! Two birds, one stone!