First-Date Beauty Tips for Going Out With a Man Who Will Bring a Tactical Backpack

Getting ready for a first date can be super stressful. There are so many unknowns: Will you like him? Will he like you? Is he gonna bring a tactical backpack for some reason? But instead of stressing about all the possibilities, use these tips to focus on your beauty routine beforehand, even though he will absolutely bring a tactical backpack and cargo shorts on this date.


Use a moisturizer and/or primer.

Setting a good foundation is essential if you want your makeup to look flawless, which is why using a moisturizer, primer, or both before you start doing your makeup will ensure that you look your best. Sadly, he won’t notice any of this though, because he’ll be more concerned about where he should put his huge hiking backpack at the restaurant or concert you’re at instead.


Wear blush.

Blush always makes people look a little flirtier, which is perfect for a first date! Too bad the man you’re on a date with will probably ask if you’re feeling alright, because you look like you might have a fever. But at least he might offer you the water bottle in the side pocket of his backpack, which is actually kind of sweet!



Try out a fun eyeliner look.

If you want to do something special to take your makeup to the next level, doing graphic eyeliner or floating crease will definitely get his attention, while also showing him that you’re really creative. You’re gonna feel dumb for doing this when he walks in wearing basketball shorts and a backpack like he’s ready for school, but at least you’ll still look great!


Use a setting spray.

The most important thing to remember during your beauty routine is to use a setting spray, or else all the hard work you put in might melt away on your date, which could last pretty long, considering that half of it will be spent by him fishing various things out of his backpack, realizing that he grabbed the wrong thing, and then going back in again.


Despite nailing your beauty routine, the main thing you should focus on for a first date is feeling comfortable and confident, because you never know when the guy you met on an app is going to bring a tactical backpack, even though you’re not hiking or going to the mall after school together.