6 Tips to Hide Your Average Face

Tips to Hide Your Average Face

So you have an average-looking face: it’s not the end of the world! Here are some easy ways to play up your strengths and hide your most prominent, yet boring feature:

1. Play Up Your Hands

Hands are the best assets for average-looking women. They’re always with you, and they allow you to cover your face in a multitude of ways. Wear rings, nail polish, henna tattoos – ANYTHING to distract people from your incredibly ordinary facial features.

2. Masks

Masks aren’t just for Halloween – they’re for any time you have to trot your boring face out into the world. Sure, wearing a mask during an important board meeting might distract your bosses a little, but not nearly as much as everything else in the room when your unremarkable face starts lulling them to sleep.

3. Veils

Hats are for beautiful faces and ugly hair. Veils work best for humdrum mugs like yours. They cast the perfect shadows adding mystery and the illusion of hidden beauty. Cause, let’s face it, you’re at best a four.


4. Ugly Friends

Every woman has a friend who is uglier than her. Or she should, if she has any sense at all. Scroll through all your Facebook friends until you find her. She’ll be the one without any pictures of herself on her profile or a carefully cropped photo of just her eye. Invite her everywhere. You’ll look almost pretty in comparison.

5. Tinted Plastic Filters

Anything looks good behind a filter. Just find a nice golden piece of plastic and hold it in front of your face. Tell people it’s a commentary on our overly connected society. They’ll be too fascinated/confused to look away from your normally pedestrian features.

6. Check Your Phone Constantly

Become obsessed with your phone. Check it constantly. With your head bent down people will see you as someone important, who people want to talk to, rather than the unmemorable, plain-faced woman you are.