Desk to Dinner: Transition Your Look from your Day Job to your Night Job

In today’s economy, a girl can’t step off the hamster wheel to go home and change between jobs. Now that you’ve finally landed the internship of your dreams and learned how to carry a martini glass on a serving tray, let’s style around your lack of work/life balance by turning that day uniform into a night uniform!


  • Unprofessional Blazer – $110

  • Unprofessionalblazer
    Like an experimental new haircut, this blazer will get a lot of compliments because people won’t know what else to say to you. Finally learned how to replace the toner in the laser printer, but no one noticed? This firecracker will guarantee you’re seen. Take off or leave on while waitressing at night because the customers aren’t really making eye contact anyway.
  • Trendy Fanny Pack – $19.99

  • Fannypack
    When you’re working two jobs, there’s no time to spare digging around the bottom of your bag. Choose between your valuables and store only the necessities directly on your waist. You’ll have maximum access but the muggers won’t during the 4 AM walk home after your night shift!
  • Athletic Shirtdress – $34.95

  • AthleticShirtdress
    This shirtdress should serve as a symbol of your attitude 24/7. The logo says “winner”, the color says “casual” and the dress says “I put on a dress for this.” Learn three players’ names to have something to talk about with male execs and to earn tips when said execs embarrass you by eating at your restaurant later that night.
  • Rain boots – $30

  • Rainboots
    No one, in any workplace, likes wet feet. It may not be raining but you were hardly awake when you got dressed this morning. Why carry heels in your bag when you’re working 80 hours a week to make less than minimum wage!