Beauty Tips for the Modern Reefer-Smoking Woman

Consuming marijuana is a fun and fresh way for a single gal to take a breather from this fast-paced, hectic world. But toking on the devil’s lettuce doesn’t mean you should stop taking pride in your appearance! Plus, rubbing stuff on your face feels good and pot-smoking women love to treat themselves. Here are the best tips for making your face cool to look at while doing the reefer.


Cake Icing As Lipstick

Marijuana-induced hunger, known as “the munchies,” is a common and enjoyable occurrence that comes from being high on “grass.” To satisfy your hunger while looking hot, apply store-bought icing straight from the tube to your lips, being careful to eat most of it. Wear until you lick it all off! Vanilla icing will look best under a black light, while chocolate adds more protection if you pass out in the desert.


Paint Eyeballs Onto Your Eyelids

Another common occurrence while “hanging out with Mary Jane” is a powerful sleepiness. Some people just can’t resist the urge to hit the hay as soon as they hit the bong. However, this is unacceptable behavior for a lady in a public setting, so we recommend painting eyeballs onto your eyelids so you can rest clandestinely. You won’t bat an eye while that bum strikes up a conversation in the park.


Curl Your Lashes In The Opposite Direction

Most people simply want to enter their own mental space while they’re under the influence of “ganja.” This is normal and OK, as long as you don’t get too paranoid. Curl your eyelashes in the opposite direction so they make little blinds for your eyeballs, behind which you can “space out.” Now no one will see your horridly bloodshot eyes, which is super chill.




It has been proven by many smart doctors that cannabis kills your brain cells. Wearing glasses is a great way to look smart, even though you smoked a bowl in the car on your way to work. Plus the world around you looks like a framed movie version of your life now. Cool!


Wear Glitter

Marijuana may cause some users to revert to childlike behavior. Since every woman is still an innocent little girl on the inside, it’s natural for us to indulge in a little green. The best way to achieve this is sparkles, applied liberally and with the spirit of becoming a unicorn.


Getting blazed is a great activity for open-minded and cosmopolitan women everywhere in this jet-set world! So get blazed and get glamorous by at least 4PM today with these beauty tips!