Fail! This Woman Asked for Help

Wow! In a major disappointment for her friends and family, small business owner and mother of three Carrie Owens recently asked people around her for help.

“I was feeling in over my head trying to take care of everyone and everything, and it just occurred to me all of a sudden, maybe I don’t have to do this all alone?”



Yikes! Okay, Carrie…


Carrie, who just this year took a luxurious three months off work to recover from a C-section, took it upon herself to ask her husband for help with “laundry, dishes, and all that stuff that builds up.”


Looks like thanks to Carrie, women can’t have it all!


Carrie even went after her coworkers with her greedy requests for assistance.


“I asked Andy to put together a plan for a new product launch because he works for me and that is technically his job, so I shouldn’t have to keep walking him through it,” explains Carrie. “I simply asked him to do his job. If he did it, it would be a huge favor to me.”

Still, people at her office were astounded by the levels to which Carrie was delegating tasks.


“She sent me out to buy coffee for the kitchenette,” says Carrie’s assistant, Gina Moore. “I don’t know what kind of coffee people like! Why can’t she just do it herself like she always does? This is demeaning.”


“Just literally any coffee,” Carrie explained. “If one more person tells me we’re out of coffee I will lose it.”

Whoa! Steer clear of this needy lady!