Oh No! This Woman On Vacation Didn’t ‘Take Lots of Pictures’

Troubling news is emerging out of Victoria Caldwell’s office this morning as it is being reported that, despite specific instructions to do so, she did not “take lots of pictures” while on her trip through Europe.



The news that Victoria neglected her co-workers polite but firm request for photos surfaced at approximately 9:15am PT, when she entered the office after a two-week holiday through Europe and the U.K. Sandy Kent, Victoria’s cubicle mate, reportedly asked to see photos, to which Victoria responded that she “…didn’t actually take very many! We were just really living in the moment.”


“Before she left, I asked her very clearly to take lots of pictures,” Sandy tells us. “The fact that she didn’t is a slap in the face to me and everyone else in this office who asked. What, we’re just supposed to imagine how beautiful Ireland is?? We need pictures!”


“I didn’t think it was a big deal,” Victoria tells us. “I don’t have much of a social media presence, and I wanted to experience my vacation firsthand, not through a camera lens. But I’m quickly learning it’s a very big deal. When people ask you to take pictures, they mean it.”


Word of Victoria’s lack of vacation photos spread quickly throughout the office as the day wore on. Some co-workers speculated that she didn’t have a good time on her trip, and that’s why she didn’t document every moment as they had specifically requested. Another, darker theory has emerged as well, that the reason Victoria did not take lots of pictures was that she hadn’t actually gone to Europe at all.


“Of course I went to Europe!” Victoria tells us when confronted with the accusation. “I just didn’t take many photos! Is that so weird? I got a lanyard in Italy!”


“Before she left, did we tell her to ‘bring back lots of lanyards?’”, says Victoria’s co-worker, Mariana. “No. We told her ‘take lots of pictures’. And she ignored us.”


As frustration with Victoria mounted throughout the day, so too did her exasperation.


“My phone is almost full!” she tells us. “I haven’t figured out iCloud! I can’t use up my last remaining memory on pictures of Belgium waffles just because Denise in Marketing wants to see them!”



Despite her frustration with her co-workers, Victoria did confide in us some future travel plans.


“I’m going to Mexico in the spring,” she tells us. “But I’ll probably just tell everyone I’m doing a staycation to avoid another failed photography assignment.”