Wow! This Woman Spent Her Entire Vacation Checking Her Email

After embarking upon her first vacation in over two years, 27-year-old Denise Larson spent her ten, hard-earned days in the beautiful Cayman Islands regularly checking her email.


“I know that this time is supposed to be for me, but I feel so lazy if I don’t respond to an email,” she said. “People might think I’m bad at my job and that would ruin my entire vacation.”


Wow! We love how late capitalism has influenced Denise’s relaxation style!


“I’m not even sure how she was looking at the screen when we’re on the beach, the sun was shining so bright,” Larry Pinkerton, Denise’s boyfriend told us. “Still, every time I asked her if she wanted to swim, she’d hold up a finger and say ‘One sec, just need to reply to a couple of things!’


This woman is not going to take a single goddamn minute for herself!


Denise let her co-workers know repeatedly that she was “beyond excited” for this chance to “finally unplug” and “get away from it all,” but, to their surprise, she replied to all of their emails within 5-10 minutes while she was gone.



“Denise personally responded within seconds after I sent out an office-wide memo about the new recycling policies,” said Daphne DeMaggio, Denise’s coworker, “It didn’t warrant a response. It was about yogurt containers and she doesn’t even eat dairy. Plus, she was out of the country.”


Way to go above and beyond, Denise! No out-office-reply for this Boss Bitch!