8 Times Strega Nona Was Our Pasta Queen

We all know Strega Nona as the ultimate pasta icon, brilliantly portrayed in Tomie dePaola’s classic tale of the same name. Her magic pasta pot is every noodle-lover’s dream! Here are eight times Strega Nona was our pasta queen:


When she sang, “Bubble, bubble, pasta pot Boil me, some pasta, nice and hot. I’m hungry and it’s time to sup. Boil me some pasta to fill me up.”

Every pasta queen worth her salted water knows how to boil up some pasta fast – but this bitch is magically on it. Her pasta is just boiling it’s fucking self up out of thin air.


When she hired Big Anthony to help out around the house and told him not to touch the pasta pot.

The only thing as sacred to a pasta queen as her pasta is the magic pot she cooks it in. Hands off, Big Anthony! Not everything is for you.


When she later sang, “Enough enough pasta pot, I have my pasta nice and hot. So simmer down my pot of clay until I’m hungry another day.”

Even the most pasta chomping girl in the game has to know her limits. There’s no sense wasting good pasta, even if you do have an endless supply. Strega Nona respects the pasta game by making only what she needs.


When she blew three kisses to the pasta pot.

It’s easy for someone to grab a magic pasta pot that isn’t theirs, thinking they know how to use it, but Strega Nona knows that the secret to putting your magic pot to bed, is by giving it this loving gesture. Pay attention next time, Big Anthony.


When she lived in Calabria

If you’re a pasta queen, uh… you’re gonna fuckin’ live in southern Italy, amiright?! Lol, Strega, you are living the LIFE, girl! Get it!


When her name meant “Grandma Witch”

When you unabashedly love pasta, you don’t give a shit what people call you. In fact, this bitch takes it as a compliment! Boo yeah!


When she could cure a headache with oil, water and a hairpin.

Every carb lover has had a headache from time to time. But only the true pasta queen knows how to cure it with simple tools around the house. Don’t let a little bloat slow your roll!



When she made Big Anthony eat all the pasta.

The only thing a big pasta deity loves more than eating the pasta, is giving others the joy of pasta, even though in Big Anthony’s case it was a punishment for his inability to heed her word. We ALL LOLed at Big Anthony’s face when he had to eat all the pasta out of her house so that she could have her bed back.


At the end of the day, we all love a big bowl of buttery pasta, but we gotta throw our hands up in praise of the ultimate pasta sovereign, Strega Nona herself!