Oh No! Your Workout Instructor Hasn’t Given Up On You

Yikes! With surprising persistence, it seems that your instructor at Baboozah!, a high-intensity interval training class, has not given up on you, despite your complete inability to keep up with any of the exercises.


Make it stop!


Your instructor Amy, who prefers to be called “Amy the Shark,” is still on your case 30 minutes into the class and definitely not gonna let you give up on her, even though you’ve fallen behind the suggested pace on squats, high-knees, and burpees. While other class members did alternating 20 seconds of planks and rest for five reps, you fell off after the first ten seconds, barely able to hold a plank at all.


“You got this, girl!” was all Amy had to say to your crumpled form.


Why won’t she give up on you?!


When the workout moved on to climbers and plank leg raises, you thought you might slink out, under the ruse of “grabbing some water.” But Amy stopped you, saying, “Sorry babe, we don’t take water breaks in this class.” She simply refuses to let you settle for less!


While everyone else in your class appears to be some kind of Olympian or bodybuilder, and you are just a regular office worker who sometimes does yoga, Amy is treating you like you can rise to their level, not tomorrow, but today. What is she thinking?!



At the end of the class, despite performing none of the exercises correctly or at the right intensity, you appear to be literally dead. As you finally made your escape, Amy, the PSYCHOPATH, gave a cheerful farewell.


“You did great today, dude! See you next week!”