Genetically Beautiful Woman Wants To Help You Get Healthy

Sylvie Connor, 34, a genetically beautiful person with mesmerizingly symmetrical features, glowing skin, and a dazzling smile, and is the proud owner of a perfectly toned model body. And she wants to help you get healthy.


Connor’s social media presence is a testament to the radiant good looks she has earned through her devotion to intentional wellness, and also from being born nearly perfect.



“I don’t know if you noticed this, but I changed what I eat and I feel amazing,” says Connor, squatting effortlessly in chair pose while nibbling on raw collards. Connor believes that beauty comes from what you put inside your body, and by following her Alive™ wellness program, which consists mainly of Instagram selfies and pictures of food, that you, too, can become healthy and as naturally beautiful as her.


In her most recent Instagram post, bikini-clad Connor balances in an effortless headstand on a surfboard in the Florida Keys. “If I can help just one person become more Alive™, it will all be worth it”, reads the caption, which continues, “I am here for you with all of me.”


36-year-old administrative assistant Kelly Wickland has known Connor since high school, and has mixed feelings about Connor’s Alive™ campaign.


“I guess it’s cool that she’s doing something positive,” says Wickland, who was about to get into her car at 6 PM for the 90-minute commute home, where she still had to make herself dinner and then maybe think about working out—even though by the time she cleaned up the dishes it would be 9:17 PM.



“I’ve never had that kind of discipline, though,” says Wickland, who has been laid off for “business restructuring” seven times since the economic collapse of ’08, and is currently working a temp job for $15.50 an hour. “I guess that lack of initiative is why I’m neutral-looking-to-invisible at best.”


Connor, whose source of income is a mystery to many, has big plans for her Alive™ campaign this winter.


“I can’t tell you what it’s going to be yet,” says Connor. “But what I can promise is that I’m going to look great.”