Voracious Reader? This Woman Read All 300 Reviews for a Mascara

Not everyone has a love of reading. But recently, Adrienne Willis showed everyone how dedicated she is to the art of the written word – she read all 300 reviews for the Pür’s Fully Charged Magnetic Mascara on ulta.com.


Amazing! Can someone say bookworm?!


“At first it seemed like the reviews were pretty solid,” says Adrienne. “But then one reviewer said it made her lashes curl downward, which sounded really weird. So I decided to keep digging – and before I knew it, the sun was coming up.”


Whoah! Way to stay invested in the story! If only we all had such a sense of literary curiosity.


The read was a wild ride for Adrienne, with reviews ranging from “my lashes have never been longer!” to “worst mascara I’ve ever used.”


“When someone said it made their eyelashes look super short, I was so confused,” says Adrienne. “Like, did it make their lashes look shorter than they did without makeup? It seemed suspect, so I had to read further.”


Adrienne soldiered on, and is now the de facto expert on Ulta reviews for this one product. Give this woman an honorary Rhodes Scholarship!


We know you’re all wondering, did Adrienne buy the mascara?!


“I’m waiting on my next paycheck,” she says. “But I think I might check out a few other mascaras before I pull the trigger.”



Go on with that insatiable thirst for knowledge, girlfriend!