Struggling With Self-Confidence? It May be Time to Try Being a Broad-Shouldered Man 

It can be difficult to move through the world with a sense of confidence and purpose, and it’s perfectly normal to occasionally experience insecurity. However, if these negative feelings are the default of your emotional state, then it may be time to try being a broad-shouldered man.


You might be thinking that being a broad-shouldered man isn’t for you due to your genetics, gender identity, or race (you will also want to be white while you are being a broad-shouldered man for its effect to work fully), but that’s just the kind of self-doubt that makes it so necessary that you try being a broad-shouldered man in the first place!


Picture this: You’re walking down the street full of strength and power. Your city’s public infrastructure was designed for your body to move through, and sweaters fit you perfectly!


Still not convinced? We seriously can’t understand why, but fine.


Imagine existing in a world where no one tries to fuck with you because you are not perceived as vulnerable in any way. This is called “safety,” and it will make your life better if you’re willing to just want more for yourself.


Also having broad shoulders feels good!


You’d have to be bat-shit crazy not to take the next step toward your best life at this point, so here’s how to embrace the broad-shouldered glory that awaits you.


The easiest and most time-tested way to be a broad-shouldered man is to be born a man who will have broad shoulders in adulthood, but there are many other ways that are impossible.


For one, you could try wearing shoulder pads, however, this will make you very self-conscious about the fact that you are wearing shoulder pads, and not win you any respect, so we really don’t recommend it.



We hope we’ve sold you on trying out being a broad-shouldered man, and remember: If it doesn’t work out for you, you can always achieve similar results by being incredibly rich.


Good luck!