Facebook Stickers to Gently End The Conversation

Facebook stickers are a cute and fun way to express your feelings to friends! They’re also the perfect way to end a dull conversation with an acquaintance when you have nothing left to say. Here are the best stickers that say, “I’m not trying to be rude but I don’t feel like talking to you anymore.”






Over Excited Glamour Shark

The Glamour Shark sticker pack is popular because of the happy, glitzy shark that’s its star. Luckily, this shark also makes the perfect goodbye. It’s pleasant and cute, but a definite conversation ender, since there’s not much a person could say in response to a shark wearing lipstick.











Mugsy the Dog Drinking Wine
Mugsy is a classic Facebook sticker. And this one of the dog guzzling some red wine shows your fun side. What a lighthearted way to signal that you plan to stop responding to any further comments. You CAN shut down this useless Facebook banter!








MiM Strikes Back Shrugging
There’s no point in having this conversation with the kid who sits behind you in Psychology. So end it with this cute shrugging girl! It says “I don’t know what to say so here’s a sticker so neither of us has to say anything” without being too obvious.







This Happy Go Lucky Sandwich Holding an Olive Like a Balloon

Everyone loves food! And this lil sandwich is so cute and cheerful! You can totally end this conversation on a pleasant note with this sticker. It’s not that you hate who talking to, it’s just that this is a social charade and you don’t feel like engaging any longer!



Oakley the Owl Wearing Sunglasses
Oakley the green owl is full of sassy stickers. And this one looks like he’s literally saying “Peace! I’m out! Rock on!” which is basically what you want to say to this person you haven’t seen in eight months, and don’t plan on seeing anytime soon. This sticker makes a cool exit from the chat, without seeming harsh. See ya!






These stickers can absolutely finish any boring conversation you just don’t feel like having, and they totally take the pressure off of saying goodbye. Now chat away!