How To Lose Weight When You Keep Finding Cookies Everywhere

Getting rid of stubborn belly fat means maintaining a healthy diet. But how can you do that when there are cookies everywhere? No one knows how they got there, but there they are. Cookies. Everywhere! Here are the best ways to lose those pesky few pounds, even when cookies are popping up all around you like they’re trying to tell you something.


Close Your Eyes

One of the most challenging things about life is that no matter how hard you try, cookies follow you wherever you go. They’re in your shopping bags, in your cabinets, and even in your mouth. The only way to avoid them is to keep your eyes closed so you cannot see them. But beware! Inevitably your hands will be reaching down into your purse for a tampon and they will instead find a cookie shoved in there. Who put the cookie there, and why are you now forced to eat it?


Don’t Eat The Cookies

This suggestion isn’t great, but you can certainly try. Just try to acknowledge the cookies peacefully, like a high school acquaintance you don’t want to talk to. Be strong!


Give The Cookies To Your Friend

Shove the cookies toward someone else and say, “Take these away from me!” This is a great accountability trick that disregards your friend’s desire to also not eat the cookies, but at the very least, saves you from the inevitable cookie-eating you’d otherwise do. The key here is to avoid tackling her to the ground as she takes the cookies away and chomping down both her and the cookies. Awkward!



Eat A Reasonable Amount of Cookies

Sometimes, you’re in a cookie-triggering place, like at a baby shower or in a shower. It’s hard to not keep eating cookies when they’re just sitting there staring at you. Sometimes the best option is to say yes to the cookies, but to give yourself a limit. Two is usually the correct serving, so allow yourself just six cookies. This way you’re keeping your health on track and most of the cookie demons at bay.


Cookies are everywhere, so watch your back before they turn into back fat. Remember: the safest cookie is no cookie at all to about six cookies.