‘Euphoria’ Season 3 Postponed Until They Eventually Decide Not to Do It

According to reports, the HBO smash hit Euphoria was set to start filming this spring, but due to several delays, showrunner Sam Levinson has told the show’s in-demand actors to pursue other opportunities while the network figures out when exactly they will shoot the next season, which is projected to be delayed until they eventually decide not to do it.


Trusted sources said that there were a number of ideas for the third season of Euphoria, including Sam Levinson stepping away from the project, along with a five-year time jump, with the character Rue remaining sober and being a surrogate, or Rue becoming a private detective, all of which were struck down by HBO due to the reason that the season likely not be happening at all.


While the most in-demand actors of the series are contracted for a third season and are also pushing for the production of it, the fact that Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, and Jacob Elordi have had extraordinarily successful years with their roles in Dune 2, Challengers, Saltburn, Priscilla, Anyone But You, and Immaculate, along with films scheduled to shoot for 2024 and 2025, it appears that a third season may be extremely tedious to schedule, unless they reschedule it for 2040 or beyond, in which case, very few viewers may remember the plotlines of the previous seasons of the show by that time.


A few fans of the HBO program had conflicted feelings about the new proposed season of the show.


“I loved Euphoria when it was on. I couldn’t wait to sit in front of the TV every Sunday night to watch,” 22-year-old Amelia Johnson told reporters. “But, honestly, after all this time, I don’t really think we need a third season? I mean, my favorite aspect of the show was the actors playing the roles, but now I see them in basically every single movie now.”



“I would absolutely love another season of Euphoria,” another fan, Jalia Tomlinson, said. “I don’t care how long the delay is. I’d love to see Rue making friends in a retirement home and Maddie raising her grandchildren with Nate, all while Nate is still having an affair with Cassie even though their sex lives are simply not what they used to be. I’ll be a fan until I literally die, if that’s how long it takes!”


As of press time, Sam Levinson had announced that filming would actually be delayed until everyone forgets that he made any comments about it and he focuses on another project instead.