Does He Have Trouble Communicating or is He an Adult in a ‘Peanuts’ Movie?

Open communication is key to any healthy relationship, and not being able to talk freely and openly with your guy about relationship problems is a major red flag. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to tell whether you’re dating a man who has a tough time communicating, or if he’s just an adult in a Peanuts movie. Here are some questions to ask when trying to figure out whether your man has a difficult time opening up, or whether he’s the animated manifestation of Charles Schulz’s imagination.


What is the quality of your conversations?

If your conversations barely go beyond the surface, that is a telltale sign you’re dating someone who is bad at communicating. Does he not ask you about your day or barely go into any detail when you ask about his? When you try to share your feelings with him, does he not emotionally reciprocate? Sorry babe, but if the answer is yes to all of these questions, your partner is not great at communicating. When you ask him a question, does he always respond with a muffled “Wawawa-wawa-wa-wa?” If he does, he’s probably an adult character in a Peanuts movie.


Does he avoid conflict?

Being able to talk about your issues and yes, even fight, is indicative of a healthy relationship. When you try to bring up something he does that bothers you, does he try to change the subject as quickly as possible or does he always lean slightly out of frame on a television screen with only his legs visible? If it’s more the latter than the former, he’s a grown-up in a classic cartoon franchise whose voice sounds like a trombone being played deep underwater. Oh no!



Is he more open with others than he is with you?

If you find out that you’re the last to learn about important news in his life, it is a huge red flag. Do you notice him being more open with his friends than he is with you? Or do you find him mainly talking to animated children during a Charlie Brown holiday special? If you hear him lecturing Charlie Brown and his classmates in a muted, gibberish language instead of confiding with his friends- we’re sorry to break this to you, but he is a fictional character who you aren’t in a relationship with.


Finding out your man has trouble communicating is devastating, but it isn’t impossible to work through. However, if you find out the guy you’ve been having trouble getting through to is an adult in a Peanuts movie, there isn’t much hope. It happens to the best of us. Pick yourself up and get back out on the dating scene. Maybe try to score an animated character who has more screen time and can clearly articulate human words and sentences. Woody from Toy Story is looking pretty fine!