Doctors Told Her She Would Never Rollerblade Again and She Seemed Fine With That

After sustaining multiple injuries while ziplining over a pond earlier this month, doctors told Laura Farley of Minneapolis that she would never rollerblade again, and she seemed perfectly fine with that.


“I guess I’ll just let bygones be bygones,” she said.


The 26-year-old, who suffered several broken bones in her ankles and toes when her zipline snapped, dropping her 12 feet onto a jagged log, appeared upbeat and idealistic while her doctor solemnly looked her in the eye and gave her the news.


“Like, I have rollerbladed in the past, but not often and not very recently. Things could be much worse,” Farley told reporters. “I don’t even own rollerblades any more. It’d be more of a hassle at this point to get a pair of rollerblades.”



Asked whether she saw the diagnosis as a challenge whereby she might attempt to prove the doctors wrong, Farley adamantly refuted the idea. “As unnecessary as it was for them to mention, it seems like sound medical advice for me to give up on rollerblading at this point. I’m just happy to be alive.”


Family and friends seemed to support this sentiment, and didn’t think the diagnosis was going to be much of an issue, given Farley’s daily routine and career goals, none of which pertain to rollerblading. Though the doctor’s original demeanor when entering the room prepared them for much worse news.



“It’s never good to find out that you can’t do something anymore, but honestly, I can’t see this directly affecting Laura’s life,” said Farley’s mother, Christina. “Unless she decides to quit doing hair and get a job as a carhop at Sonic someday. But that seems highly unlikely. Also I’m pretty sure they wear regular roller skates.”


Reached for comment at press time, Farley’s doctor said that he was originally extremely nervous to deliver the news, but was delighted she was not crushed by the prognosis: “She’s a testament to the power of the human spirit and really, this is not a big deal to her.” Brave!