WOW! These Inspiring Dads Learned Their Kids’ Names

Dads are asked to fill so many roles these days—breadwinner, money-haver, husband of their kids’ mom, one-time-he-made-spaghetti-er—the list never ends! Expectations of dads have increased a lot since women started entering the workforce. It’s no longer just mom’s job to do the child-rearing; now, men are also expected to sometimes talk to their kids. We talked to dads across the country who are going above and beyond, taking on so much more than their fathers before them, including remembering their kids’ names! Take a look at these inspirational fathers:


“Cronner is just an absolute sport. What a special kid. My wife told me over FaceTime that he’s walking these days! I just can’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday he was a thing inside my wife that I was scared of. Anyways, pretty sure his name is Cronner.” –Mike, 29, handsome dad of our dreams


“I remember Dawn’s name because when my wife had the flu I had to do the dishes one time and I had to use this soap named Dawn and I was like, ‘Wow, that sounds familiar,’ and then my wife reminded me that that’s our daughter’s name. I’ve only forgotten it once since then.” –John, 34, hero dad


“I love spending time with Harry and George on Sundays between 11 AM and 2 PM. My ex-wife let me choose their names as long as I agreed to visit them.” –Danny, 28, fun and caring dad


“Me pitching in around the house is so important to my wife, so I make sure to take some time after work to study flashcards with my kids’ names on them while she puts them to bed. When I say ‘Dahlia’ it brings tears to my daughter’s eyes because she doesn’t always recognize me and gets scared. Those little moments warm your heart and make your relationship to your children so special. –Peter, 38, dad of the year



“Just name your kid ‘Luke’ and you can always just be like ‘Luke. I am your father.’ That’s what I did for my two daughters.” –Damien, 30, natural dad


“Honestly, I didn’t grow up in a family that valued a dad knowing his kids’ names. But I vowed I wouldn’t be like my dad. All my friends are so impressed when I talk about my son when we go out every night. I’m like ‘His name is Henry, he is a boy, he eats breast milk.’ And they’re all like ‘Whoa, you’re really involved!” –Dennis, 41, swoon-inducing megadad


“People sometimes judge me for naming my kid Bro, but honestly, I wouldn’t remember his name otherwise. I’ve been hit in the head with a surfboard at least 36 times.” Zane, 23, little surfer dad


There’s just nothing sexier than dedicated dads making big sacrifices for their families. Way to go, dads!