Cute Owl Art to Remind You Intelligence is Sad and Isolating

Owls are well known to be wise, intelligent, and one of the best forest creatures for grounding yourself in your lonesome reality in addition to covering wall space that should really be full of pictures of loved ones. Here’s some cute owl finds to incorporate into your “living” space that remind you that your extreme intelligence have left you isolated and alone:


Look at this guy, isn’t he cute? Those bulging owl eyes are adorable, and big enough to fully see you for what you are: a sad shell of a theoretical mathematician, scavenging a meal from expired deli meat and stale Nut-Thins your mother gave you the last time she visited. When even was that, February? July? Whatever. She never fully appreciated all that you’ve accomplished, anyway.


This owl makes even the coldest days seem warm and cozy, which is great since you lost the heating pack that used to keep your cold, lonely feet warm at night. Did you know the average person’s internal temperature is 98.6 degrees? Of course you knew that – why am I even asking? Now please stop reminding others of this and other facts about the human body, and figure out a way to talk to people at social events. Anyway, what a warm cute owl!!!


Remember the time you used the word “rhetorical” in third grade and despite using it correctly, no one else understood so they laughed at you until you ran and hid in the bathroom? This cute guy remembers! Owls remember everything.



Oh look, a cute flying owl! It’s rare to see owls mid-flight in today’s modern owl art, just as it’s rare to see you make a real and meaningful connection with someone who didn’t attend the same graduate program as you. Guess what? You graduated with just six other people, and now you all compete for the same niche positions located in small, rural towns across the country. So spread your wings – it’s time to find some new owl friends!


Speaking of owl friends, look – two owls! These cute guys are great inspiration, since if one wise owl can find a friend maybe someday you will, too. Maybe they met at robotics club in high school, or they connected at a local trivia night as the only two attendees who knew anything about string theory and its effect on the future of holographic technology. Either, way, cute! Consider hanging this piece on your vision board, right next to that picture of Madeleine Albright.


So if your life is an erudite prison of your own making, owl art can turn that mournful sob of “Who will love me?” into a “Whoo, whoo, whooo wouldn’t?”