Best Resume Fonts to Show You’re Not One to Make Waves

Resume Fonts - Reductress

Job-hunting this fall? Don’t forget that the smallest details can really make a difference in this tough job market. While you polish up your resume to include all your newest achievements, consider communicating your most passive qualities with these equally meek font selections:


1. Calibri
Calibri is the default font in all Microsoft Word products, so if you’ve updated your resume since 2007 in Microsoft Word you’re likely already using Calibri! That’s great. Keeping the Calibri font tells your future employer that you have no intention of ever changing anything in the office. Things are fine as they are, so embrace the Calibri default setting in your word processor today.


2. Arial
Arial, a cheaper knock-off of the much loved Helvetica font, gained popularity when Microsoft decided not to pay steeper licensing fees to include Helvetica in its suite of products.  Using Arial for your resume is a great way to let your future boss know you’re probably not the best person for the position, but that you undervalue your skills enough to never negotiate for higher pay or benefits. This show of docility should be enough to make you the candidate of choice for this dead-end job. Thanks, Arial!



3. Times New Roman
Times New Roman was the former default font for Microsoft products until 2007, so using Times New Roman as your resume font is a great way to illustrate your proficiency in dated Windows software that nobody uses anymore, and a lack of proficiency in everything else.  Using Times New Roman on your resume will communicate your respect for tradition, and your disinterest in upgrading your software unless forced – two key skills for today’s modern, inefficient workplace.


4. Lucida Handwriting
Lucida Handwriting’s feminine name and cursive script is a great way to remind your potential employers that you’re a woman. Isn’t that enough to get your point across?


These four fonts will whip your resume into shape – the shape of someone bending over and just taking it. Good luck!