Chill Ways to Respond When He Answers Your Text With ‘Who’s This?’

It’s Friday night, you had a long day at work, and all you want to do is throw down on some juicy text flirting with Jared who you met last week. You exchanged numbers and even sent a few texts, so of course he’ll have your number saved! You spend 30 minutes crafting the perfectly chill message: “Hey Jared, how’s it goin?” Your thumb taps that precious send button and then it happens: He responds with “sry who’s this?”


Instead of crying all night and swearing off dating forever, just use some of these responses to save face and come off cute and totally chill:


“Your mom!”

Nothing screams chill like a “your mom” joke! He’ll be laughing so hard, he’ll want to bang you even if he doesn’t know who’s texting him. Girls who make jokes are super chill!


“Very funny, Roberto!”

His name isn’t even Roberto! Now you’ve made him think that whoever this girl who’s texting him is, she’s got other male friends with sexy names. Very chill.



“THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE hahahaha just kidding it’s Rachel!”

Guys love sarcastic girls! This is a totally laidback, sarcastic way to put your name in his phone while also mentioning love. Bonus chill!


“Sorry, I was busy boning someone, who’s this?”

Fight fire with fire! If he doesn’t have you saved in his phone, then neither do you! Disregard the fact that you texted him first, and then throw down some non-desperate vibes by telling him you just got fucked. On top of that you are being super chill by boning and texting at the same time. What a chill-ass girl!


“Turn around…”

Number one way to keep it chill: Pretend to be a stalker! When he turns around, you won’t be there (right??), but he’ll be wishing you were so he can find out who the fuck is texting him. This is less chill but still chill!


“It’s Rachel, we met at your Frisbee golf tournament last week, you were wearing a neon green Underarmor shirt and Adidas track pants, I was wearing a pink sweater and an adult bow in my hair.”

Nothing is chiller than being as explicit as possible. Make him remember you by telling him every detail of how you met. That’s how he’ll know that you care.


The day you tell your grandkids the story of your love you’ll have one of your very first conversations saved forever in your phone and with these responses you can rest assured that they’ll also think you’re super chill.