How To Seamlessly Transition From Worrying About No Text To Worrying About How To Respond To Text

Texting can be so stressful, especially if you’re trying to do it with someone you’re interested in. Sometimes it feels like there’s no relief – from thinking someone is cute to talking to them to getting their number to waiting a day or two to… texting? Although there is very little you can do to quell the anxiety, here’s how to seamlessly transition from worrying about getting no response to your text to worrying about how to respond to it!


Slow Down

Even though it can be hard to experience constant anxiety but attribute it to different reasons depending on the moment, remember you can slow down! Take a deep breath and ground yourself to discover what specific kind of anxiety you’re feeling presently. Is it stress because you texted ‘heyy what’s up’ which now feels fucking dumb as hell? What kind of psycho bitch uses two ‘y’s? Or is it because they finally answered with ‘honestly nothing’ and now you’re like what in god’s name am I supposed to do now? Go die in a hole, please?


Remember This Is Normal

Although you may feel like the loneliest woman in the world dealing with the utter devastation that is trying to get to know someone via text, remember that so many people are going through similar things! Lots of people have anxiety about literally every kind of social interaction. Pretty crazy that this is something that will continue to happen until the day you die, unless you do meet someone you want to spend your life with and even then, it’s arguably worse!


Remember You’ll Always Be Worried

Ultimately, the anxiety will never fade, ‘cause once that happens you’ll worry about something else, like that you’re missing out on life or that you shouldn’t have that harmless crush on that mailman or that you’re going to die next to this person. Over time, you’ll realize it’s easier to transition back and forth… and don’t worry, someday you’ll die, and finally get to rest!



Use these tips to learn to continue on this treacherous and doomed path to experience anxiety no matter what your dating life looks like! And just so you know, if you hear someone say they are “feeling chill”, they clearly have never sent a text in their entire life!