Is It Seasonal Depression or an Especially Squalid Chapter in American History?

The world is pretty bad right now. Not only are the leaves falling from the trees and the temperatures frigid, but the news is full of violent rhetoric, terrorism, and endless political horrors. So which of these overwhelmingly bad things is the one making you feel bad? Take this quiz to find out!


You currently feel most bummed about…

a.) The dark days and long nights.

b.) The erosion of trans and immigrant rights.

c.) Fucking all of it.


You have trouble getting out of bed in the morning because…

a.) It’s so cold.

b.) Everything on your phone upon waking up is bad news.

c.) The world? All of it?


The last time you had fun was…

a.) September? Maybe August.

b.) Early 2016.

c.) It’s just so hard to see through this lingering fog of despair.



Your least favorite thing right now is…

a.) Oncoming winter.

b.) Trump.

c.) Fucking both, are you kidding me?


If you got…


Mostly A’s:

Sorry dude, sounds like you suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Get a SAD lamp and maybe some meds.


Mostly B’s:

You’re down in the dumps because our country is a shit show. Get out there and make change and vote!


Mostly C’s:

It’s both! Unfortunately, some of us suffer from seasonal affective disorder while the world is crumbling around us. Good luck!