Butt Bangs: Are They Right For You?

Whenever a sexy new trend hits the fashion scene, it can be hard to know if you can pull it off in your everyday life. This season’s “do you dare?” look is sassy, classy, and very chic: butt bangs! That’s right; bangs, for your butt. Everyone knows the right bangs can instantly improve any face, so why wouldn’t they make other body parts look better, too? Find the right bangs for your unique butt shape with this handy guide:


Heart-Shaped Butt: Blunt Butt Bangs

If your bum is shaped like an upside-down heart, congrats! You have the most universally flattering shape for butt bangs. Feel free to choose the original and most daring butt bangs: blunt butt bangs. This mod chic look walked the runways of Milan and New York a few months back, and with your shape, you can totally rock a sleek, futuristic butt!


Petite Butt: Choppy Butt Bangs

For ladies with a little less junk in the trunk, you can still get in on the butt bangs look with a choppy, funky butt fringe. Have your stylist create uneven, rock-n-roll chops in the butt bangs to flatter your slimmer hips. Butt bangs do not grow, but make sure you get them trimmed if you find they’re getting all up in your butt.



Apple Butt: Side Butt Bangs

When you have a big, glorious posterior, the world is your oyster! However, as is the case with many high-fashion trends, some butt bangs can make your donk look too wide. Mid-length side-swept butt bangs are a great way to participate in the trend without making your body look fatter bigger than it is.


Athletic Butt: Thigh-Grazing Butt Bangs

You’ve got quads for days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little bangs to your butt! Just make sure to go with a longer, bohemian set of butt bangs so that your angular frame doesn’t look too aggressive. Wispy fringe can really soften the muscles you’ve spent lots of time and energy building. Instantly jazz up any workout outfit with a set of these romantic tendrils!


Average Butt: No Butt Bangs

Sorry regular-girl; this trend ain’t for everybody!


The butt bangs trend is totally wearable, as long as you get the right kind for your shape. Guys will go wild for your all-new look! Now get out there and flaunt!