BREAKING: Jenna Has Had A Trust Fund This Whole Time

In a shocking story out of San Diego, it has been discovered that your friend Jenna Knight has had a trust fund the whole time that you’ve known her.


“I just…didn’t expect it, I guess?” said Tracy Normen, another friend of Jenna’s. “She doesn’t really seem like the type.”


In spite of driving a used Volvo and taking her lunch to work, Jenna has apparently been the heiress to the TGI Friday’s fortune for the entire duration of your friendship with her.


“It’s not even like her parents are rich lawyers who saved up,” said Portia Carlotti, who has known Jenna the longest and still had no clue about this information. “Like, she’s an heiress, a chain restaurant heiress.”


“In her defense, she’s extremely down to earth for someone who will never want in her life due to mozzarella sticks and loaded potato skins,” she added.


Other friends of yours had their suspicions.


“I mean, she’s always on family vacations to Jackson Hole or Tulum or wherever,” said Jared Wu. “So I knew there was money somewhere. But I just figured she was like regular ol’ wealthy grandparents white people rich. This is…unexpected, to say the least.”


“Yeah, her phone screen never stayed broken for more than a day, and she’s never complained about not being able to afford groceries,” said Megan Hunt. “I guess I suspected a sugar daddy or like, an onlyfans. Never this.”


“She dresses like shit too, so you’d never be able to tell,” Megan added.


Jenna feels sheepish about the whole thing.



“I never brought it up because I didn’t want people to think I was spoiled or something,” she said. “It’s not like I asked to be born rich. I hope my friends don’t look at me differently now.”


“Although, they might understandably take a bit of an issue with the fact that I’ve made them Venmo me every time we’ve gone to TGI Fridays,” Jenna added.