Bigger Boob Looking Really Nice Today

In a story out of your shirt, it’s been revealed that your bigger boob (the right one, specifically) is looking really nice today.


“It’s looking full and also perky at the same time,” you explained. “I think I’m about to get my period. This is pretty sweet, though.”


Friends, when prompted, agree.


“It was really plush? Like you would totally wanna lay your head on that boob in particular,” your friend Hannah says. “The other one, not so much though.”


You nodded along with that assessment.


“There’s some days where my smaller boob looks great. I mean they’re both pretty amazing boobs to be honest, but today the bigger boob is really crushing it.”


You texted your partner a picture of the boob and they gave it a rapid heart reaction before making plans with you to touch the boob later.



“It’s the little things in life,” you say. “Sometimes you just gotta savor it when your boob is at its peak.”


That’s right! You go, boob!