Brave! This Woman Doesn’t Let Her Passing Reflection In Store Windows Ruin Her Day

Most women glancing at their full-body reflection in store windows as they run about would notice a flaw worthy of stopping them in their tracks, causing them to reflect somberly on their reflection for hours and hours – but not Lynette Gurley: Against all the odds, Lynnette Gurley manages to catch her reflection in store windows without letting it ruin her entire day.


“I mean, I saw myself today, by accident on the way to work and my hair was kind of messy and I hadn’t had time to put any makeup on but I just really didn’t have time to think about it,” explains Gurley, who has some sort of superhuman ability to accept herself as not perfect. “There’s just more important things to be worrying about.”


Gurley’s ability to move on with her life after catching a reflection of her own image is not limited to just store windows. In fact, she lets it happen all the time in her own home, even when she has ample time to examine all her flaws!



Is this woman some kind of alien? Does she not bleed??


Gurley even recently walked past some store windows that distorted her image to make her midsection appear larger, and the momentary confusion of wondering if that’s what she looked like, didn’t send her on a panicked frenzy to find another better mirror.


“I guess I just figured I look okay?” Gurley told us. “Like it’s not like people are running in terror when they see me. I think it’s fine?”

What a stunning display of self-acceptance! We wish we could bottle that and sell it!


In response to our interview Gurley concedes that maybe she will have second thoughts the next time she sees herself in a store window. You keep doing you, girl!