Amazing! This Woman Got a Haircut and Can’t Stop Nervously Saying, ‘It’s Growing On Me’

Last week, 26-year-old Lily Klein decided to be adventurous with her annual end-of-summer haircut, and asked her hairdresser to “try something new.” Klein walked out of the salon with several more layers than usual, and has been totally owning her new look by touching her hair and saying, “Um, I think it’s growing on me.”


We totally believe it, Lily!


“Before the haircut, she was so amped to totally change her hair,” says co-worker Paulina Homan. “But now if anyone mentions her haircut, she just strokes her head and whispers, ‘I like it? It’s a change but I like it.’ I don’t think I believe a word she is saying.”



Other co-workers noted that Klein has taken a lot more bathroom breaks than usual this week, and multiple women reported finding Klein in the office bathroom, staring into the mirror longingly and nodding vigorously at her reflection.


“It was like she was trying to psych herself up for something,” said one co-worker, “But the something big was just having sort of different hair. Like, is it just me, or is her hair kind of the same?”


Beyond work, those who know Klein best say they are amazed by how much she talks about embracing her new hairstyle.


“She brings it up all the time,” says childhood friend Risa Minth. “We were talking about a friend from middle school who’s going to prison for credit card fraud, and she just randomly blurted out unprompted, ‘It’s different, but not necessarily in a bad way!’”


To be sure, this new hairdo has made Klein a force to be reckoned with. From the grocery store to her Piloxing class, nothing can stop her from seizing every possibly opportunity to let people know how excited she thinks she will feel about this haircut. Maybe. She hopes.


When reached for comment, Klein nervously tucked her hair behind her ear and said a little too loudly, “It’s really growing on me!”