Born This Way! This Trans Man Has Been Gay, Straight, and Bi

The Gender Spectrum Collection

In a story that highlights the beauty of queer self-discovery, 26-year-old trans man Aidan Byers was reminiscing with friends this weekend when he realized he actually has been – at different points in his life – gay, straight, and now bi. 


Okay, king! No sexuality left unturned!


“When I first came out, I came out as gay, or rather a lesbian,” Aidan began, hiking up his boxers to make sure they were peeking out of his baggy jeans, because of course he would. “Then, I realized I was trans, so I figured I was straight. Once I had a better grasp of my gender identity, though, I realized my understanding of my sexuality had been limited by my desire to be perceived as ‘masculine’ in a gender sense — which is a long way of saying, now I’m bi.”


Aidan would say he’s been gathering sexualities like infinity stones, but he isn’t super into superhero movies and instead prefers French independent cinema that explores charged homoerotic friendship. 


One reporter could be heard whispering, “Bet he does.”


When reached for comment about whether this is what she meant when she originally wrote the song, “Born This Way”, Lady Gaga said, “What? I didn’t know that shit was possible. Lock that horny gay guy up!”


Reporters agreed this seemed uncharacteristically homophobic from her. 


While Aidan does feel comfortable self-identifying as bi now, he’s not one to say he’s “arrived” at any conclusion in terms of his sexuality.


“I’m comfortable in the knowledge that I’m constantly evolving, and that my sexuality could continue to change,” he told reporters. “I’m bi now, just because that feels like the most accurate descriptor, but who knows what the future could hold.”


When asked if he’d informed his parents of any of this, he said, “Oh, dear god, no.”



“I already had to come out to my parents twice: once in the beginning as bi – LMAO – and more recently as trans,” he continued. “I should amend my former statement to say, ‘My sexuality is constantly evolving and at this point it’s probably best for me to just keep that sort of thing to myself.’”


Lastly, reporters asked Aidan if he’d like to weigh in on whether bi girls should be allowed to bring their straight boyfriends to pride, to which he said, “Absolutely. I was once a bi girl, and I was once a straight boyfriend. We are all one.”