Awww! This Cat And Ferret Are Living Together In Order to Save on Rent

Everyone knows that when furry things of different species come together, it produces ALL the feels. That’s why it’s so freaking adorable that this cat and ferret are choosing to live together because it’ll save them both money on rent each month. Awww!!! These little critters are #Adulting so hard.


The Cat and Ferret aren’t necessarily BEST FRIENDS, but the current housing market has pushed them both out of their previous residences in other neighborhoods. Pets! They’re just like us!


The Ferret used to have a beautiful one bedroom but after the tech boom hit, his rent got seriously jacked up. So, the Ferret decided to go on Craigslist to see if he could maybe save some cash by living with someone. Did he ever think he’d be shacking up with a CAT? No, way! But here they are defying all the odds!


Again – it’s not really permanent, but it makes sense for now. Plus, they both shed, so they’re not really cramping each other’s style in that regard. Maybe this adorable friendship isn’t so unlikely after all!


Things sometimes do get a little crazy in this cozy companionship. The Ferret is more high energy and the Cat is more laid back (except for during witching hour). The Cat definitely knew this going in and was adamant about not signing a lease because he didn’t want to get locked into something toxic. So cute!


It’s important to note that these little guys have only cuddled together ONCE and that was for the photo. They don’t regularly snuggle or even spend time on the couch together. The living room is definitely more of the Cat’s space. But we still love to see their little paws in the same place!



If Ferret passes Cat in the kitchen or bathroom, they’ll definitely say “hi” or make small talk – but that’s generally the extent of their relationship. It’s purely a financial decision birthed out of their respective stressors.


Have you ever seen anything so adorable?!!