Wow! This Couple Knows Each Other’s Passwords But Not The Words to Crazy Town’s ‘Butterfly’

Andrew Lederman and Alice Sweeney have a relationship built on trust and honesty, which is why they know each other’s many passwords by heart, but they are quick to admit neither knows the words to the romantic masterpiece conceived by the best rap rock ensemble of the year 2000: Crazy Town’s “Butterfly”.


“I know Alice’s Netflix and Gmail passwords,” says Lederman. “Also her bank’s mobile app password and its three security questions. But no, I do not know the words to that song.”


“Knowing each other’s pin numbers brings us together,” agrees Sweeney. “I guess our priority is sharing our lives with each other, not knowing those lyrics.”


Wow, this couple is so confident in this wild choice!


They discovered their ignorance at a karaoke night when Alice’s coworker, Jacqueline Ortege signed them up to perform the song. Despite the nostalgic excitement that erupted from the bar upon hearing, “boooong boong bing, bedeebadangdoongding!” Lederman and Sweeney couldn’t keep up with the lyrics on the screen. They were booed offstage.


“When Alice was ready to go home, Andrew unlocked her phone himself to call a cab,” says Jacqueline. “I was all, ‘Whoa, you know her passcode, but not Crazy Town’s ‘Butterfly’?’ Now that’s crazy town!”


Way to march to the beat of your own drum and NOT to the beat of ‘Butterfly’ by Crazy Town!


Despite the fact that they were both in middle school when the poetic symphony that is “Butterfly” was released, neither of them had ever really listened carefully to the song. Apparently they’re the type of people who know their significant other’s passwords, but not cool people who ironically enjoy trash.


“My brain space is occupied with the last four digits of Andrew’s social security number, all of his old addresses, and that those passwords always need at least one uppercase letter and punctuation mark, says Sweeney. “I don’t think the lyrics to ‘Butterfly’ need to take the spot of Andrew’s CVV number.”



Somehow, Sweeney has never once used the word “butterfly” in any of her passwords, nor the phrases, “come my lady, come come my lady” or “sugar baby”.


When asked for comment on the healthiness of knowing your partner’s password but not the lyrics to “Butterfly,” Crazy Town lead singer Seth “Shifty Shellshock” Binzer states, “Dude, the only password anyone should ever use is Dope69.


Despite their public humiliation, Lederman and Sweeney are stronger than ever and have since created joint passwords. They are also still blissfully unaware of each other’s sexual histories.