Aww! This Woman Really Thinks She’ll Take a 5-Minute Shower

Even though 26-year-old Alice Parker loves to dedicate time to her self-care routine, she honestly believes that she’ll be able to take a shower that is under five minutes. However, with all the steps in her shower routine, it’s looking more like an hour.


“I try to stick to a five-minute shower in the morning so I can get to work on time,” Alice explains. “It’s super realistic that I’ll be in and out in five minutes.” 


We love the confidence, Alice!


“I’m just going to get the shower, shampoo and condition, then I’m out,” Alice shares. “Well, I’ll still need to exfoliate too, and maybe do a face mask? I swear it’ll be a quick shower!” 


Upon further investigation, reporters discovered that Alice’s shower routine contains 56 steps, including brushing her teeth and waxing her top lip, with the average runtime of her showers being 45 minutes. 


Aww! We love someone with unrealistic hopes and aspirations.


Alice admits she often wastes a good two minutes of her proposed five-minute shower time staring at the ball of hair in the corner of her shower while she debates if she should pick it up now or later.  


However, the problems really arise when Alice thinks she can slip in a quick shower before big events. The shower is never quick, making Alice perpetually late. 


“Tonight, my shower will be 5 minutes, not a second longer,” Alice shares. “It has to be five minutes because I only have 15 minutes to make it to my friend’s birthday party.” 



Aw! It’s so cute that she thinks anything will change this time!


At press time, Alice had spent 50 minutes in the shower and was two hours late for her friend’s birthday party. Keep on dreaming, Alice!